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Welcome to Sky Haven of Aurora

Sky Haven is a hangar complex located at the Southeast corner of Aurora Municipal Airport (KARR).  Consisting of 36 steel buildings containing 194 heated and insulated hangar units ranging from 1100 to 6300 sq. feet,  Sky Haven provides shelter for aircraft ranging from small single-engine planes to corporate jets, from experimental aircraft to antiques and from versatile twins to Warbirds.  In addition to powered bi-fold doors, some hangars have water and sewer services available.  Well lit at night, Sky Haven is secured by a fence with 2 coded electric vehicle gates.

The entire 23 acre facility is a free WiFi hot spot, allowing Sky Haven Members’ personal computers and 3G capable phones to have broadband access to the internet.

Sky Haven has a plush pilot’s lounge equipped with a computer connected to the internet for access to weather products, flight plan filing and other on-line aviation references.  Also available is free WiFi and telephone service to FSS.  The lounge provides a comfortable place to rest or conduct flight planning and also has complete bathroom amenities, including a shower.  Water is available at the ramp just outside the lounge for washing aircraft.

KARR, the City of Aurora, IL airport, is located outside of Class B airspace, 30 NM SW of Chicago’s O’Hare airport and provides 3 runways with instrument approaches and easy access to Aurora and the entire metropolitan Chicago area via its close proximity to Interstate 88.  Visit the web site Chicago/Aurora Municipal Airport (ARR) for a detailed description of airport services.

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